To fight rats, mice, cockroaches and other pests effectively is difficult. Hire a qualified pest control if you are affected. Professional fight does not just make it more effective, but it also reduces the amount of toxins and thus the risk to other animals and people are injured.

If you must use pesticides, buy pesticides that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. For pesticides, you can check the registration number and see if the product is authorized, the class to which it belongs, and find other important information. If you will going to buy pesticides for vermin on the Internet, you always have the right to get all the hazard information for the product before you make the purchase. Keep in mind that other countries may have different rules.

Note the hazard symbols and read the information so you can protect yourself and handle the product safely.

Anti Rats and Mice

Mice can in many cases be fought with a classic trap, because mice are less suspicious of traps than rats. To fight rats effectively is difficult. If you have problems with mice or rats, please contact a professional exterminator through your home insurance company or the property owner. Professional rat extermination does not only make it more effective, but it also reduces the amount of raw data and the risk to other animals injured.

Prevent problems by sealing openings where mice and rats can get into the building. See the vents, basement, attic and sewers. Mice just need a run of 7 mm to get in and rats about 20 mm. Clean up food scraps and waste attracts rats and mice. This applies even in public places, in parks and at recycling stations. Store food in the refrigerator or in containers.

Bait bags may only be placed in special bait stations so that children and pets can not reach them. Pesticides should be stored out of reach of children and pets. Keep in mind that the bait can be tasty even for pets. Dead mice to be collected and disposed of with household waste and not to pets (especially cats) should be able to eat them and risk being poisoned. Consider carefully whether you need to use chemical control of mice, or if such a mousetrap could work. Be especially careful when using musgifter in environments where there are pets.


The Spanish slug (snail killer) cause damage in gardens and orchards. There are several methods to get rid of snails, for example, to cut them apart, using traps or to sprinkle lime around the plants. The snails are susceptible to dehydration. Avoid creating damp places in the garden.


The bedbugs bites can cause allergic reactions in the form of itching and some swelling on the skin. The lice multiply rapidly and spreads easily from room to room on clothing or objects. The lice are very difficult to get rid of and if you are affected, you should hire a professional pest control.

Prevent to bring home bedbugs and other vermin after the holidays, for example, by storing the clothes in the closed suitcase at the hotel. Do not push the bag in the hotel bed and do not bring your own pillows or other bedding that you can then take home. If you suspect that you have with you bedbugs in your pack, it may be worth putting the clothes in the freezer for a few days when you get home, to thus try to kill them.


Cockroaches come into our home with food and imported goods. They seek out warm and humid places where there is also food, such as kitchen or bathroom. Cockroaches can spread both bacteria and viruses. The cockroach is one of the oldest insects in the world and among the most difficult to control. Engage therefore a professional pest control if you are affected.


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